Owner or Resident Transponder Reg

Please use this form to register vehicles owned by the property owner or other permanent residents for transponders. Prior to submitting the form, please read the policies and procedures contained in the Gate Information section of the website. 

Property Owners are provided up to (3) transponders free of charge*. Owners of occupied Lots may purchase additional transponders for their personal vehicles for $20 each; owners of vacant lots are capped at (3) transponders.

Transponders will only be issued in person, and by appointment only. If you reside outside of the local, please register for call box access using that form until arrangements can be made to receive your transponder.

By submitting the form, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as explained in the Gate Information section of this website.

Once you submit the form, please click on this link Transponder Payment: Property Owner or Resident and submit payment for the transponder(s). If you do not wish to pay with a credit card, bring a check or money order payable to "Happy Trails POA", no cash or credit cards accepted in person.

New owners purchasing transponders for the first time, please contact the Gate Committee to confirm the charges for your transponders.

Please allow 7 to 10 days for any requested changes to take place.