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Committee Purpose

Dear Happy Trails Resident,

As you all know by now, the area surrounding Happy Trails is developing at a feverish pace.  In order to afford our membership the most protection from the encroachment of surrounding developments and stay current with FL state laws, your board of directors is assembling a new governing documents review and update committee.  This committee will be tasked with reviewing and suggesting updates to all our governing documents to keep them in line with the state requirements and, most importantly, our way of living and lifestyle that you all expect when you became a Happy Trails member.  We humbly ask for your assistance in donating your time to keep our community the rural oasis we all love. 

At this early stage, it is envisioned that the project will consist of the following High Level Project Phases.


Phase 1 – Attorney Erik Whynot

The Board has retained the services of the Whynot Law Firm to assist in the efforts to revise the governing documents. Erik Whynot specializes in HOA law and is very experienced with the process of amending governing documents.
Attorney Erik Whynot will provide a recommendation for specific revisions needed to the governing documents. He has also committed to meetings and discussions with the Board and/or Committee to help us.


Phase 2 – Identify Governing Documents Proposed Revisions

a. The Amendment Committee reviews the current Happy Trails governing documents, Erik Whynot’s recommendations, and other potential changes.

b. Discuss, meet as many times as needed to finalize proposed revisions; present them to the Board.

Note: Ron Hibbeln, President Happy Trails POA explained that

As part of the amendment effort, the Board desires that meetings of the Committee whether virtual or in person, are open to all members of the association. Therefore, notices of these meetings should be posted 48 hours in advance (like a Board meeting).”


Phase 3 – Review Proposed Revisions with Happy Trails POA members

a. The Amendments Committee and the Board will determine the best way to explain the draft proposed revisions with a larger audience of Happy Trails members, obtain feedback, input, and to answer questions. The members should clearly understand each proposed revision and why it is needed.

b. Multiple sessions with a larger audience will take place to finalize the proposed revisions to the governing documents.


Phase 4 –Happy Trails members approve revised governing documents

a. Necessary meetings will be held to obtain member approvals.

b. Dedicated Amendments Committee members to contact specific property owners to obtain written approval.

c. All legal steps will be followed to record the revised Happy Trails governing documents if they are approved by the members.


We thank you in advance for your support and willingness to assist the community in protecting what we have today for our current and future members.

Your Happy Trails Board of Directors

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