Gate Information

Gate Access:

Happy Trails Road and its feeder streets are a private, gated section of the community with limited access. The goal of the gated entries is to limit access to the community to our residents and Lot Owners, their designated visitors, and personnel on official business (deliveries, utilities, waste management, etc.). Note: The gate’s vehicle entrance is not mechanically designed for pedestrians or bicycles. 

Residents and Lot Owners utilize windshield-mounted RFID transponders for access. Each gate has also been equipped with a Door King Telephone Entry System that will provide communication for your visitor via the gate's call box to a telephone of your choice by use of an integrated cellular module. Access via the call box is specifically intended for visitors travelling to a Lot within Happy Trails; granting access to associates for the express purpose of using Happy Trails  as a cut through is expressly forbidden, and may result in termination of call box privileges. 

Note: All of the request forms require your Lot Number. If you do not know your Lot number, you can look it up on the Osceola Property Appraiser's website:
Once your property is located, select "Map View"; the Lot # is the green number superimposed on the center of the Lot.

Lot Owners will receive up to three RFID transponders at a cost of $20 for each transponder lifetime.

Homeowners will also receive up to three RFID transponders at a cost of $20 for each transponder lifetime, but will be eligible to purchase additional transponders at a yearly cost of $25 per transponder between tranponder 4 and 10.

The sale of transponders is restricted to Lot Owners, Homeowners and tenants (with a lease and authorization from the porperty Owner), regular Service Providers, or direct family members.

The cost to replace a damaged transponder based on its original cost. Transponders will not be mailed, and must be received in person.

Service Providers: Owners wishing to purchase a transponder for their weekly service providers may do so utilizing the appropriate form. Cost of transponders for Vendors is $50/year, to be billed on 1 January of each year, without proration.

Non-Resident Family Members: Owners wishing to purchase a transponder for non-resident family members may do so utilizing the appropriate form. Cost of transponders for non-resident family members is $25/year, to be billed on 1 January of each year, without proration. Those transponders will be part of the 10 max transponder allocated for each improved property. For non-resident family members, the vehicle for which the transponder is requested must be present at the time of issue.

Access to and use of Happy Trails roadway is strictly for that service provider or family member to visit a property within Happy Trails for a specific visit; this is not unfettered access for them to use HT as a cut-through at will. Abuse of transponder privileges will result in termination of access and deactivation of the respective transponder. The sponsoring Property Owner or resident is responsible for ensuring that service providers and non-resident family members comply with policies and regulations.

The Transponder is the property of Happy Trails Property Owners Association Inc. Please note, abuse of transponders by property owners will result in termination of access privileges for the transponders in question. 

Transponder Tip: The RFID sensor is located to the right side of the entry lane at both gates; it has a limited detection radius and pattern, and does not read instantaneously. In order to ensure that your transponder is recognized, stay to the outside of the lane, approach the sensor slowly, and wait for the light in the center of the gray box to flash. If the light does not flash, the transponder was not detected by the sensor; if the light flashed, but the gate failed to open, then the transponder has not been activated.

Call Box:
Each Lot Owner can provide up to two telephone numbers for entry into the call box database; one of these entries can be a realtor serving as a listing agent. For new Owners closing on a property, or Owners who have not yet registered for access and live outside the local area, providing a phone number for the call box data is the fastest way to receive access.
Note: Requests for a second call box number will not be processed until 8 July, refrain from submitting requests until then.

Call Box Instructions:

The call box user will scroll the alphabetized list to find the resident they wish to visit and press the "Call Button" to dial them. Alternatively, the call box user can enter the three-digit directory shortcut assigned to that resident.
When receiving a call from the call box, press "9" to open the gate for your visitor; the phone will beep and the call will disconnect immediately. The gate will remain open for 30 seconds if the vehicle does not enter; for larger vehicles, we recommend giving the driver a "head start" of 10-15 seconds before pressing 9.

When you receive a call from the call boxes, the numbers will show as:
Sinclair Call box: (407) 693-1992
Goodman Call Box: (407) 693-1993

We highly encourage you to store both call box numbers as saved contacts in your phone.

Please do not call the call boxes to attempt to open the gate, have the resident utilize the call box to call you.

Please find below the complete gate policy, and an FAQ compiled from all the inquiries received to date. 

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